What is an Independent Financial Adviser (EFA)?

The title of European Financial Advisor (EFA®), is the most known European recognition in regards to financial advice and is granted by EFPA Europe ( “European Financial Planning Association”). It was developed by a team of outstanding academics and professionals from more than 10 countries, and it’s a hallmark of quality recognized throughout Europe. EFPA promotes the planning-and-financial-advice professionals’ training through the development and implementation of educational programs that provide the EFPA certifications.

The EFPA-certified adviser certifies, after overcoming a tough test, to have important knowledge and skills on financial markets in general, and on financial planning in particular.

Financial advisory services must be more professionalized every time and meet minimum competency standards to ensure the customer receives the best advice for the current scenario.

Therefore, industry professionals must demonstrate:

– Appropriate training and experience.
– A degree certifying their training and experience.
– Professional Ethical commitment so that, during the whole relationship with the investor, the adviser fully identifies the goals, objectives and personal and professional characteristics of the investor.

The certificate is a guarantee that your financial adviser is fully qualified to advise and help you manage your investment portfolio.

In the Anglo-Saxon world, these certifications are essential prerequisites to work in the financial sector. In Europe, starting January 1st, 2018; with the implementation of MIFID II, a certification like EFA will also be an essential prerequisite to be able to provide advice and information about investment products.

On the EFPA website (www.efpa.es), any customer of a financial service can check if his or her adviser is certified.