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Juan Manuel Velilla – Independent Financial Advisor EFA


I am Juan Manuel Velilla and first of all thank you for your interest in my professional financial advisory services

I have been EFPA qualified (What is and Independent Financial Adviser EFA?) since 2016, having completed a Masters degree on Financial advisory, prior to passing the official EFPA exams.

My professional financial experience of course dates back to earlier times. As for many art or cars is their passion, for me, since very young age, numbers have been mine. Very early on I knew that my career will be dedicated to economics and finance. Having graduated as Certified Public Accountant in Buenos Aires University, I started working for Deloitte as an auditor, ascending over the years to management positions and subsequently moving to another Top3 firm Ernst & Young in Madrid.

Since then, for the past 10 years I have been developing my own portfolio in stocks, shares and currency trading on various Stock Exchanges. At the same time I have been involved in several projects, including property investment consultancy, financial planning and management for several SME businesses.

Having successfully developed many financial tools and strategies, I now advise a range of private clients from different countries and with diverse needs and financial standing on how to achieve their medium and long term goals.

I hope that this brief introduction will facilitate you in perhaps choosing to take the next step of a personal meeting in order to ascertain if you would like to trust me with a further consultation regarding your financial planning.

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